Khmer New Year Inspiration

In our literacy class, our facilitator told us to write something about our vocation. But this writing will be something different from the other writing is that we use the best memory from our vocation and making a story from it. H 

“Leak was raised by her grandmother in a quiet village called Treng. After her parent dies her life become so complicated but she so positive about her life. One day she went into the bathroom and cry the whole time. The bathroom spirit was so concerned about this girl when she comes to ask. She explains to the girl that she as a good spirit then she asked the girl what had happened to her. The little girl explains what had happened to her life and where she will be. It was said the here human life. To make her happy the spirit give her a special gift which is all her wish will come true but she needs to make though wish in the bathroom. After the spirit gives her the gift, her life becomes much better and she won’t forget the first moment that she met the spirit. Another power that she had is to allow the people she want to see the spirit. ”   

This writing is not perfect but I want to share what I had done.  


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