Fashion in Cambodia

Fast-fashion is a problem all over the world but people haven’t thought of this problem. This also a problem in Cambodia where we have more than 1500 garment factories in Cambodia and employed almost 1 million workers.


As a solution of fast-fashion, we had create an exploration to up cycle clothes and redesign clothes and our teacher had create a business call Junxtapoze. In this exploration we had create a challenges to design and up cycle clothes for the customer. Also we had hire 3 tailors in the community around Liger. We help the tailor to earn more income to support their family economy. We had provide them the price more than the market price for different design to encourage them to make more for us.  In Junxtapoze we also do a Junx consultation-where people can tell what kind do they love about clothes and their personality than we will design clothes for them based on their personality.


We hope that people around the world understand about fast fashion and understand how it impact to the environment and labor. We encourage you to think about the clothes that you have, What do you do with it? Where it goes? How can you recycle it? And lastly think before you consume more.  


In the project we also making a challenges that we have to design that we need to make from scratch and small pieces of fabric into art for any creative design.

We also compete with different schools and NGOs on this challenges!

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