River of Victory Poem

Her brother is a gangster

What kind of animal sells his own sister?

The fear of violence gets in her way

The struggle she has, she can’t even say

What is important, is what is find beneath

But she living in a place that is not healthy to breath

Beep Beep Beep,  the horn puts her in a good mood  

The trash truck provides hope that she can find food

Trash gives her hope

She lives in struggle, fear and lost a world we do not know

To us, trash is trash, but to her, gold.

Trash are the diamond glint on snow

They breath the poison wind  blow.

They woke up in the morning hush

They collect the trash in a rush.

The sound on the hungry son cry

They try to work, they try in collect, they try their best, so they won’t die.




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