Sea Festival – Ultimate Frisbee

It was a great experience to join the Sea Festival with SWA team and other Foreigners! I had help to organize the trip to Kep for the Liger students. It was really complicate to organize for Liger students since they are on their holiday and we have difficulties with communication since most of them are not active on their messenger. I had selected to be an organizer with other 4 adults! Since we are under 18 year old we had to sign with some rules that we shouldn’t do during trip. So we leave for the trip on the 23rd of December, 2017 in the morning and come back on 24th evening! In this trip SWA was corporate with the government.

During the festival all sports or participants need to etten the pirate for the Prime Minister of Cambodia. It was my pleasure to be 1 of the 10 people to participants in the pirate since we have the total of 50 players. It was a great experience to show people what is frisbee and to see different sport!

Out of though 50 players they had divide into 4 different teams! I’m glad that i can be one of the team captain. It was my first time being team captain in Frisbee also it was really complicated since i don’t know some of my team member and it hard to be to communicate with them. What I had to do is finding place for them to eat, call them 30 minutes before game start for the team meeting and be the person who speak on the spirate circle. It is way complicate then what i expected since i have 12 player to look after and all of them have different idea to do things. In overall i think i did a great job on keep track of them since none of my team member was late for game.
We had a showcase for people who go to visit Sea Festival on 23rd evening and warm up play from 7 – 9:30 pm. For the 10 people who participate in the pirate have to miss the show case since we are waiting from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm then we just go to our station and play until 9:00pm. It was a great time for the liger students to meet new players and share their experience.

24 Dec was a big day for us since all team have a competition. I’m not expect my team to win the 1st place but all I want is to have fun, try our best, keep cheer for each other and enjoy our last day of Sea Festival with each other. Our biggest problem was the weather. The sand was really hot that we can’t play for too long. Also our team have only 3 girls left since 1 of the player have a bike competition so I have to play straight up to 4-5 points. Lastly i really enjoyed the trip and meeting new players and i hope that i can participate Sea Festival 2018.

Film with Government School

As we get older we are having more responsibility on our work. So one of my favorite exploration so far was about teaching the community student about filming and put their film the PPYFF (Phnom Penh Film Festival). So we are planning the curriculum from our team mate to teach the government student. So we are teaching them for 2 weeks and we let them pend some times for editing their video. We are provide them all the materials and knowledges and they are the one who did everything else. So after preparing everything we went to the government school to ask the permission from the director, so that we can take some of the student to learn about filming. So we are decided to take 12 students, 6 from one school and another 6 from another school. After having all the student we went to their school to teach them. We explained them about how to use camera, acting, and different roles in film making. Also we are preparing some games before we are teaching them so we can get to know each other more. Furthermore we also have them practice with our camera. After that they are writing their own movie and they are making a film for themselves but we help them some technical problem. After filming is done we are teaching, helping them about how to edit the video using the Movie maker. After the exploration they are putting their films in the PPYFF. We didn’t expected the quality that good but