Slope from two points.

If you are given to find slope above what should you do? 

Well let me teach you, to find slope in graph you need to find the change in Y over the change in X or rise/run.   

So we had given the first plot is (-9,-6) and second is (3,-9) 

So first we find the change in Y and the change in X. 

Change in Y = Y1 – Y2 

Change in X = X 1 – X 2 

We have and equation the find the difference, So plug the number that was given in to the equation above. 

We have  (-9,-6) and (3,-9)  

The change in Y = -6 -(-9) 

                                Y  = 3 

The change in X = -9 – 3 

                               X = -12 

So then we get -3/12 which is simplify to -1/4. 



Math class

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