Bike Business Exploration

One of our exploration is call Bike Business Exploration, where we are developing a bike business. On the first week of our exploration we went to Batttambang to visited a bike tour business call “Soksabike”. We went there for a 4 days trip and having 2 bikes tours from them.

Also learning how do their business work and how do they developed their work. It is really great start of our exploration by experiencing with the other bike tour in the countryside. So we come back to Phnom Penh and develop our rough. We had name our bike your company call “Journeys of Change”. We had found an interesting rough also dividing the stop. We had decided that we will have 10 stops and each stop having difference stories that connecting Cambodia in the past and future. The purpose of business is to creating a business where we want to share what have happen to Cambodian in the past and future to the tourists. In that exploration we are dividing the whole group into 3 team. They are business planer, marketing team and tour team. As a business team they are writing a business plan, also calculating all the expense and income to calculate all the price for the tour guide and JOC workers. Marketing team they are finding a ways to market the service to the customers. We had developed the Facebook page and Website. Lastly the tour team. They had wrote all the script for each stop and doing further research. We had did several tour for journalists from USA also for all liger stuffs and seniors students. From time to times they always give us a greats feedback and we develop from time to times. Lastly, for the Marketing team we are trying to find creative ways to share this bike experience to the tourists.

Entrepreneur ship group

My third exploration for this year is entrepreneurship.This class we divide the student into 3 team (Market research, Advertising and Production). I decide to join in production team with Rathanak and Lux because three of us love to cook. For this 7 week with cooking we have done a lot of things one of them is cooking sauce. We had cook three time for the first time it test not really bad. So we improve it. we had cook at the second time and it get better and everybody like it. So we try to make it again but we make it four times as before but it test different than what we want and now we are trying to make it again to following our second recipe. For our team we are taking our second recipe to be our model of our chili sauce. Although we have a lot problem go on with it too. Second thing that we have done is making a plan with Matt for cooking. During we plan with Matt we also communicate with farmer to help us prepare the raised bed and take out the weed and water it to get ready for growing. If we not finish it the tent team will help us.

Business: Sewing at home

download (2)

Fixed: Is a material that we use long time in our business (Can use many time).
Variable: Material that we use depend on how many product that you make (Use only once).

Fixed Variable
Scissor Fabric
Needle dye
Table thread
Measure string
Needle pins

We decided to make this business because around my community there a scarcity of seamstress. Also there a lot of demand. It will be more percentage of successful on this business.
We decided to make this business at home because we don’t want to make a shop because we just starting the business (not much money), so we will spend more money. Also we can look at our children and cook food at our house.

Project-based learning

My new exploration for this term Called PBL (project-based learning). We get this idea from the Ministry Of Education in Cambodia. They want to test the the new education system. So he want Liger student to present the PBL to two high school. One is in Phnom Penh ( Chba Ompov High school and Kratie Krong high school in Kratie) During this exploration we are making a presentation about PBL to teacher. We present to them about what is PBL, about presentation, teamwork, interview. Also we have four subjects for them such as Biology, history, physic, and moral women society.

So teacher understand the subject that we give them and can demonstrate to their students. The students have three weeks to complete their works. So the teacher can divide the students in team and let them do their work. Teacher just guide the students not help the students all time. Our teacher divide the student into 4 teams. My team we demonstrate about physic. In this subject we have two main energy that we want to present are Potential & Kinetic energy. So we create some outcome to explain them. My thought to the students, they are really creative but they need time, tools and leader skill.


Kep Trip

On Thursday all Liger students and staff went to Kep for our 4 year collaboration. Everyone was really excited to when herd our director that we have a school trip. I felt very happy too when I heard Don (Liger director) said. So Thursday morning we are doing our jobs that teacher recommend for us to do. At 12:00 all the staff and students will living. When we leave Liger we are going straight to Jasmine valley and we will stay their for two night. When we nearly arrive Jasmine Valley we need to walk about 1 km because the road is too small so the bus can’t get in. About 30 mim letter we arrive and then we take a rest them we have a small meeting about our plan for tonight and tomorrow plan. So we eat dinner then go to sleep. Next day morning we have a cool day.

We have a lot of things to do connect to to natural. So our teacher divide the students into 4 teams then each students go with their teacher and learn difference thing about the forest and plan for our afternoon. About 11:00 we have our adventure trip to walk about 3 hour. So we go to our same team and walk and observe different things in the forest.

My team we observe about flowers. So we walk about 4-5 mountain and talking picture also find some treasure. It is my new experience to walk around the mountain and see different thing. Also I got to see the environment around it also I can see the sea. So it was tired but fun to walk about 9 km.When we arrive Jasmine Valley we are taking the natural thing to create flowers, or other things that connect to their project.

Next day we need to wake up early and prepare himself for a fun day. We need to wake up at 5:30 am to prepare. At 8:00 all the students and staff will leave Jasmine Valley to go to Rabbit island. So we arrive Rabbit island about 8:45 and eat breakfast then we can swim and relax their. When i arrive the beach I can’t control myself from swimming. So I went to change my clothes and swimming. So we have an great opportunity to swim and relax for the whole day. So most the students and stall get in the water and swim, some are playing game and relax.

Then we eat lunch and play water more than dinner. After dinner we have a small meeting and talk about student change from the first year at Liger until the 4th year. Then we listen to Liger Podcast. The last thing that we do is a fun time! So we got a chance to dance and have small party on the beach. Then go sleep then wake up in early morning and pack back to Liger.

The Minister day

On date 01.12.2016 is the special day in Liger Learning Center because we have a big presentation to the educated people in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I very excited to be a presenter and shear what we do to other people. In this day People that work in the Minister of Education sport and Youth also director of 33 secondary school in Phnom Peng. For my presentation i shear about “The World is our classroom” and some of our trip. I thought that they are really enjoy with our presentation also really glad with our student. This is the special day for Liger Student that we have a great opportunity to shear our knowledge. I won’t forget this day!!


Hidden Voice

Exploration name: Hidden voice
Date: 10.8.2015 – 2.10.2015
Number of student: 12 students

My first exploration for this year is Hidden voice!! We are learn about Khmer old song and try to share and preserve it. We have go and interview some people in the province and city to ask them something about the old song and we will record it for our blog. We have went to one radio station in Phnom Penh it called Morodok Somneang. It is a good place for Cambodia to go and sing a song and learn how to be a singer. Also we interview one singer name Meas Leakena she is a singer in Absara TV. We had interview her about her life and how to become a singer. She answer very clear and inspire us to preserve Khmer old song. Also we went to Kampong Speu province and Mondulkiri province to interview the villager in there about the song that they know. All of through answer make our team to preserve Khmer old song.

I go to an unusual school

I go to an unusual school. My school is called Liger Learning Center school. At Liger we have 25 girls and 25 boys. We have different subjects than the government schools in Cambodia. One of the subjects is The Cambodia Economy. In Economy class we are writing a book. We tried to collect as much information as we could. We went to some province in Cambodia to interview the different part of economy. Now we are really being print our book and we will donate our books to the government schools. Also we a lots of subjects in Liger. Ligre is unusual school because we have a lot of opportunity to have a chance to the other places in Cambodia also outside the country too. In the government school we don’t have a lot of opportunity to the other places. Liger is unusual for me and other 49 students. All of our subjects are connect to our country. Our main idea is to CHANGE our country to get better. liger is a amazing school in Cambodia.

Cambodian Economy

Exploration: Cambodia Economy
Number of Students: 9

Our exploration name Cambodian Economy. Our exploration is to try to learn about economy in Cambodia and write a book for Cambodian student in secondary school. Our main idea is to help Cambodian kids to know more about their country economy and to make them think, so they can help some part of our economy. In our Exploration we try to research the information about our country economy. Also we went to some of the provinces in Cambodia to collage the information to put in our book.

In our exploration all the students tried to research different sectors of economy to put in our book. Than we take some idea to put in our book. But we need ot put in our own word. Then we need some students to translate to Khmer. After that we put all of our work in one place than we sent it to Javir. He is the designer for our book. Our book we have Khmer and English. Now we design for English finish but we still work on Khmer font. Our group hope that all Cambodian kids look at our book.

Food Systems Description

Exploration 6

  • Exploration Name: Food Systems
  • Exploration Dates: March 10 – May 2
  • Number of Students: 15

A food system is the cyclical process of growing, transforming, packaging, transporting, cooking, eating, and recycling food. Sometimes we can skip some of these steps. For example if we eat a mango that grows from a tree at our house we are skipping packaging, transporting, cooking, and transforming. This is an example of a local food system. An example of a global food system is chips that have ingredients from different parts of the world and are packaged, transformed and transported all over the world.

In our class we learned the difference between all three kinds of soil. They are sand, silt and clay. We started to grow the seeds. The seeds have grew, but we have not taken its to grow in our raised beds yet. In one day we have to give the water to the plants 3 – 4 times. We learned the six steps to grow the seeds, from laying the toilet paper to moving them in the tray. We have learned the part of the seeds. There are seed coat, embryo and cotyledons. We learned about the fruits and vegetables. We also learned about global and local food systems. Global is the food that is all around the world. Local is the food that is near. Ex: If we are Cambodian and buy the food in Cambodia that food is the local because it is near where we live. Ex: If we are Cambodian and buy the food from Malaysia that food is the global because it is far away from where we live. Also, we learn about the pros and the cons about local and global food systems.


We took four trips to learn about Food Systems. The first trip we went on Organic farm. The owner shown us how to grow the seeds. In his farm there are ten different typesof seeds: lettuce, fruit plants and herbs. Also, he told us that insects and the weeds destroy his farm. Weeds are the things that you don’t want. EX: In the farm have the grass that grows, the weeds is the grass because the farmer doesn’t want that to grow in their farm. New technology is that they cover the soil by the plastic because when we put the compost and the water will not go away. Compost is made out of the animals poo mixed with soil and rice husks. The second trip we went to Natural garden store. In that shop sell vegetables, snacks, wine and ingredients. The owner had taught us how to find where the food came from. The owner said that some of his fruits, vegetable and cookies are bought from France, America, Thailand, North America, Singapore, Germany and local. He has own farm in Kampong Speu and at Kampong Som. The third trip we went to University Agriculture. In there we learned about hydroponics. The guide told us that hydroponic is the new technology in Cambodia. Hydroponics means growing on the water. At there we saw lots of lettuce that grows on the water. The last trip we went to Rice Mill. We learned about the different rice in Cambodia. Also, we learned the difference between brown rice and white rice and how both of this rice is good for us.


Here is the blog that our group have make.

Ecology Description

Exploration Name: Forest Ecology

Exploration Dates: Oct 7, 2013 – Nov 19, 2013

Number of students: 12

Essential Questions: (1) What is an ecosystem mean? (2) What is a natural resource?

Description: An ecosystem is the living things and the non-living things connecting with each other. The one example is algae. Algae take the sunlight for food and fish eat algae and then people eat fish. This is one connection. In Ecosystems class we had a journey book to take notes or write keywords that we don’t know what that word means. In Ecology class the first topic that we learned was tropical forest. We did not just learn only tropical forests but we also learned a lot of kinds of forests like conifers and others. A tropical forest is the forest that has rain a lot all year. We also learned about ecological relationships. Ecological relationships mean that one organism and another organism connect with each other. Ecological relationships are divided in five parts. They are parasitism, commercialism, predator-prey, mutualism and competition. Our Ecology group went to Mondulkiri province to study there. We spent six days at Mondolkiri. We met a lot of people like Bunong people and they played their music to us.   Also they teach us how to play the song too.

bunong music

Bunoung people played their traditionalist music. 


Teach Liger students how to play the music

On Saturday we came back to our school and we shared what we learned.