Grizzly Opening – Ultimate Frisbee

In Liger there are many opportunities for students including in the country and overseas. These opportunities lead me to many provinces and countries. By joining ultimate frisbee had to lead me to three different countries: Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  


This opportunity quire us more effort for training every Sunday and spend our school time traveling. Every Sunday we travel to train with our coach and teammate. When we went to train our coach had keep track on our attendance and how we do on our training. When we come back I have to write a report back to our coach and give some feedback. Sometimes I have to report the coaches how many people are going to training. I knew the plan that we are going to play at Grizzly in March so I have to try my best to prove that I can play at Grizzly.


A few weeks letter our coach told us that how many people can go to play at Grizzly. I was happy that I can go but also sad that some of my teammates can’t go. After I knew that I will play in Grizzly I had told myself that “I will try my best for this tournament”.  I am so gladful that my coach had picked me to be one of the team captains. The first impression that I made was excited also scared that I won’t be a good team captain.


We went to Setia, Malaysia on 16 March 2018 until 19 March 2018.  This was the third countries that I had travel through ultimate frisbee. I had played in Philippine for AOUGCC and Vietnam for Mekong Cup and now Malaysia for Grizzly Open. It was grateful to be Cambodian girls and have a lot of sports opportunities to travel and meet other players. I hope that all Cambodian girls receive these opportunities like me too.

Our team name Bee Force and we have 21 players from Cambodia that went to compete in Setia. In this tournament, we will play against 6 other teams. The team that we play against are: Oops, Care Bear, Badgers, Islander, Rajacks, Ipohbug. They are experienced player and they had joint many tournaments. For Bee Force, this is our first year playing ultimate also our first international game. Even Though this is our first game but everyone enjoyed playing it and at last we are in the rank of 6 out of 8.


I was grateful to get that new experience in Setia. Moreover, I am very thankful for my coaches to give a trust on me to be the first Cambodian female captain for ultimate frisbee to play overseas.   Also thanks to all my beloved teammate that always support each other and being a nice Bee Force Family.  

Gain More Experience by Sharing Your Experience!

Cambodian think that girls can’t play sports can’t join physical activity. They believed that girls should learn how to be a wife, learn house chore and protecting yourself from the sun.


Do you think that though perspective should change?

As Cambodian girls and young teenage who loves sports i think that this perspective should be changed. Before i come to Liger, i also loves to play sport but my parent and neighbor always said that playing sport it just a waste of time.  When come to a school that give an opportunity to involves in many sports and my perspective changes over time. Sports had become a part of my life, Frisbee, Swimming, Basketball, Football and biking. Sometimes I ignore what people said about it and focus on doing what i loves. One way that improving my skill on sport is sharing my experience to other people.     

Math class

In math class we are using this incredible website call Khanacademy to learn. Khan provide us many subjects and level. They have Algebra,Trigonometry, AP and so on. Which is really helpful for us, if we don’t understand the content in class we can practice on our own then watch the video that they provide us. If we still not clear about the subject we can come back and discuss in class or with our teacher.

Official Launched – Tour Guide

Being an business manager of a company it not easy like people expect. I had interviewed to be an business manager in a bike tour company called Journeys of Change. I had working in this project started in November 14th, 2017. In January 13th JOC had launched our official tour with 11 customer! That was a big improve for us! I am one of the 4 tour guides felt really happy seeing my clients enjoy our tour. It was complicated since people are coming in the different time. So as a tour guide we need to be flexible with the situation and try our best to solve the problem and did not impacts to our customers. We had try our best to understand the script and understand the situation lastly make it the best for our customer.

The tour went great! Get the best feedback from our clients and we are proud in this age that we can make some changes in our country. All the donation that we had are use for expenses during the tour and donation to supports the tour guides future education or business. We hope that JOC is success and we are willing to share our knowledge about our country to all the people that interested to learn about Cambodian.

Sea Festival – Ultimate Frisbee

It was a great experience to join the Sea Festival with SWA team and other Foreigners! I had help to organize the trip to Kep for the Liger students. It was really complicate to organize for Liger students since they are on their holiday and we have difficulties with communication since most of them are not active on their messenger. I had selected to be an organizer with other 4 adults! Since we are under 18 year old we had to sign with some rules that we shouldn’t do during trip. So we leave for the trip on the 23rd of December, 2017 in the morning and come back on 24th evening! In this trip SWA was corporate with the government.

During the festival all sports or participants need to etten the pirate for the Prime Minister of Cambodia. It was my pleasure to be 1 of the 10 people to participants in the pirate since we have the total of 50 players. It was a great experience to show people what is frisbee and to see different sport!

Out of though 50 players they had divide into 4 different teams! I’m glad that i can be one of the team captain. It was my first time being team captain in Frisbee also it was really complicated since i don’t know some of my team member and it hard to be to communicate with them. What I had to do is finding place for them to eat, call them 30 minutes before game start for the team meeting and be the person who speak on the spirate circle. It is way complicate then what i expected since i have 12 player to look after and all of them have different idea to do things. In overall i think i did a great job on keep track of them since none of my team member was late for game.
We had a showcase for people who go to visit Sea Festival on 23rd evening and warm up play from 7 – 9:30 pm. For the 10 people who participate in the pirate have to miss the show case since we are waiting from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm then we just go to our station and play until 9:00pm. It was a great time for the liger students to meet new players and share their experience.

24 Dec was a big day for us since all team have a competition. I’m not expect my team to win the 1st place but all I want is to have fun, try our best, keep cheer for each other and enjoy our last day of Sea Festival with each other. Our biggest problem was the weather. The sand was really hot that we can’t play for too long. Also our team have only 3 girls left since 1 of the player have a bike competition so I have to play straight up to 4-5 points. Lastly i really enjoyed the trip and meeting new players and i hope that i can participate Sea Festival 2018.

Bike Business Exploration

One of our exploration is call Bike Business Exploration, where we are developing a bike business. On the first week of our exploration we went to Batttambang to visited a bike tour business call “Soksabike”. We went there for a 4 days trip and having 2 bikes tours from them.

Also learning how do their business work and how do they developed their work. It is really great start of our exploration by experiencing with the other bike tour in the countryside. So we come back to Phnom Penh and develop our rough. We had name our bike your company call “Journeys of Change”. We had found an interesting rough also dividing the stop. We had decided that we will have 10 stops and each stop having difference stories that connecting Cambodia in the past and future. The purpose of business is to creating a business where we want to share what have happen to Cambodian in the past and future to the tourists. In that exploration we are dividing the whole group into 3 team. They are business planer, marketing team and tour team. As a business team they are writing a business plan, also calculating all the expense and income to calculate all the price for the tour guide and JOC workers. Marketing team they are finding a ways to market the service to the customers. We had developed the Facebook page and Website. Lastly the tour team. They had wrote all the script for each stop and doing further research. We had did several tour for journalists from USA also for all liger stuffs and seniors students. From time to times they always give us a greats feedback and we develop from time to times. Lastly, for the Marketing team we are trying to find creative ways to share this bike experience to the tourists.

Teaching Swimming

Since the Junior Cohort joint Liger they are starting learning how to swim. I am one of volunteer to teach them swimming. I am volunteer 2 day of my ASE ( after school extention) and spend time to teach them swimming. Since I was teaching them on the first day why were afraid of water and scared of drowning. But since I teach them 14 weeks now they are pretty good at swimming and i really enjoy and spend my time with this students. They are enjoy their time listen to the teacher and practice swimming. I know how much i love swimming but i can’t do anything with my experience but i love if by sharing my experience to the next generation. So far i’m really proud of myself that I can share my knowledge about swimming to the next generation.


Since Liger don’t have a swim coach. I request to learn with the other school or place that have someone to coach me. Everyone in Liger knows how much I love swimming and how much I enjoy swimming. So I have got an opportunity to learn at other internatonal school call iCan. At iCan they had a swim coach and a bigger pool then we have. So I went to iCan every Wednesday afternoon for the swimming training. I have 45 min to train with a better coach that he had past the safety guard certificate and he had join Cambodia swim. He is a guard for The Mekong Swim. So everyday we are practice for different stroke such as butterfly, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. We start with 8 lengths of each stroke, then we are working on our leg, hand and both. Teacher always be there for us to correct our stroke and whenever we have a problem. When we swim, we have a particular time to swim and rest. Wild we swim we have two focus such as speed and stroke. I have observed that after training with them for a few weeks seem like my speed goes faster and faster. I hope in the future i can gather students and make a Liger Swim Team so that we can got a chance to compete with the other team.


On November 16, two brothers shared about cryptocurrency and their future plan to develop it in Cambodians. They had explained the history and philosophy behind it. Personally, it shocked after hearing ‘bitcoin” is built for the purpose of eliminating government involvement. In addition, “bitcoin” works as a global database which no one could really shut down the whole system. Furthermore, the inspiration that brought from the two promising brothers reminded me of how hard it is to convince people to follow your passion. As one man said that his friend calls him crazy based on his enthusiasm in bitcoin. I believe it is true for everyone. However, I believe their motivation and persuasion will provoke people to use and the use of cryptocurrency in Cambodia will increase rapidly.

Khmer Sight Foundation Volunteer

On the November, 18, 2017 some of my Liger Leadership Academy students volunteer to work with Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF) in Kompong Speu province. The KSF is help to eradicate avoidable blindness in Cambodia and improve vision and eye care and restore the gift of sight to many Cambodians. We leave Liger around 6:00 am and travel to Kampong Speu. We went to Camkids school and we saw a lot of people waiting there for eyes check. There are about 160 old people and around 20 high school students. What we did was that first is testing their eyes and if they can’t see well with distance or if they have cataracte they will to the next station to check what the problems they have with the eyes and if they can’t see close KSF will provide they glases. Then check the blood pressure. The main focus KSF is the cataract and pterygium.

My job was to help measure their eyes sight,talking with people who are waiting for their eye check, help translating their problem-symptom to the doctors and doing eyedrops. Other hardest jobs are to convince and make the people in the community trust KSF to do their eyes surgery. Most of the elders need to do the surgery because their eyes have the cataract and pterygium. Khmer Sight Foundation decide to bring the first 10 people in the community to go and do the surgery and some decided to not go. This is because some of them are busy taking care of the kids or wasted their time, they scared to do surgery, some of them didn’t feel comfortable to come, to Phnom Penh with strange people.

There were six people came with Liger students and KSF people to do the surgery. One of the grandma she 78 year old, that I had talk with felt really nervous about the eye surgery. She said, “ I felt really nervous because i scare that the eye surgery is not success and she get blind. She doesn’t have child to taking care of her. Everyday she live with her husband who also having eye problem and another 2 grand daughter. One of the grand daughter are really young and other one are have a job in garment factory to support the family. She felt scare but after taking with the doctors and volunteer she felt more comfortable with this eyes surgery.” she continue, “ Before she’s having eye problem she work as farmer with her husband. He’s 79 year old. Her family economic was worse since she was old and she still have 2 grand daughter to feed. Now her family was much worse since her and her husband got their eyes problem that the reason that she can’t afford both of their granddaughter to go to school, so one of them have to work to support the family.” Hearing this problem made my tear drop but i tried my best to hold it.
We help to change her entire life because if she not comes and did the surgery she will lose her right eye. This means her both eyes will blind. No one gonna take care the granddaughter anymore. We had told her if she does the surgery 95% she will get success, 4 percents will have damage and 1% will completely blind. She didn’t come with us on that date but she’s one of people that coming for the next day.I am so proud to volunteer with Khmer Sight Foundation to help Cambodian and share my knowledge with them also learn more about eye problem. I can help people in my country to see the beautiful nature and bring their sight back. Lastly to all Cambodian and people out there eye problem was really serious, you have to go to doctor to check it. Do not wait until it get to big trouble. Help to prevenge since it was not serious was better than doing surgery when it was serious. Also share this information to all people that you know abou eye problem.