Journeys of Change

One of our exploration is call Bike Business Exploration, where we are developing a bike business. On the first week of our exploration we went to Batttambang to visited a bike tour business call “Soksabike”. We went there for a 4 days trip and having 2 bikes tours from them.  Also learning how do their business work and how do they developed their work. It is really great start of our exploration by experiencing with the other bike tour in the countryside. So we come back to Phnom Penh and develop our rough. We had name our bike your company call “Journeys of Change”. We had found an interesting rough also dividing the stop. We had decided that we will have 10 stops and each stop having difference stories that connecting Cambodia in the past and future. The purpose of business is to creating a business where we want to share what have happen to Cambodian in the past and future to the tourists.

In Journey of Change business that have new position this year. I had change from a business manager to guide manager. So I need to prepare a training to the new tour guide. There are 14 new guides and most of them are new to the business so i need to train them to become a professional tour guide before they tour our clients.


In this business i also submits 2 of the picture that i took to compete in a competition call GoGreen. I had won to the top 15 best photos and they hung my photo at the event in Plantation hotel. I joined the event and there are a lot of photo connected to environmental conscious business. I met a lot of incredible people and one of them is the hotel manager and he invited us for a breakfast at his hotel and talk more about our business in the next morning.  

Also we have the new strategies for the business from last school year. We had develop our new website and new marketing strategies.


This past few weeks the Liger Academy’s students had took our tour and it was a fabulous experience for the new guide they can share what they have learn and practice their skill.  


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