Flame Lab

Every element on this earth are made out of atoms!

We all know that the best way to start a chemistry course is by learning about atoms structure and the element in the periodic table. In my chemistry class this round we did this one cool lab called the Flame Test, in the purpose of understanding how the electron (s) of an element reacts to heat.

We measured the result of the electron reaction through observing the color of the element when it’s in contact with flame. The reason that we see the colors is that of the energy that emitted by each electron when they excited corresponding to a wavelength of a the light.

One of the challenges that my team faced was that some pieces of the element dropped onto the bunsen burner tip so we had to make sure that it clean at all cost when we tested another element. Another challenge that we have is to observe the right color and note it down the right color. Furthermore, when we tested same element such as potassium but, we didn’t see the color change of the flame, so we just assume that the electrons gave out orange, which it isn’t accurate at all. Lastly, we have a lot of fun during this class and in the lab particular.

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